Analysis of the Four Major Development Trends of LED Lighting Industry in 2015

In 2014, for the LED lighting industry, both “blooming” and “brilliant.” In 2014, for the Chinese lighting industry, it was a very worthwhile year to conclude. China’s lighting industry has entered a critical period due to the development of LED. In 2014, the export of lighting products exceeded US$40 billion, LED lighting products reached US$15 billion, and the output value of LED lighting products reached over 40% of the total output value of lighting. In 2015, challenges and opportunities coexist. The development of LED lighting has also provided the Chinese lighting industry with an excellent historical opportunity from a big country to a strong country.

What are the characteristics of the domestic lighting industry in 2014?

First, the application of LED lighting products has become a mainstream Following the full implementation of LED lighting products in China in 2013, the application in 2014 further deepened. It is predicted that the output value of LED lighting products will exceed 40% of the total output value of lighting;

Second, exports continued to maintain rapid growth. LED lighting products became the main promoter. In 2014, the export of lighting products exceeded US$40 billion, and LED lighting products reached US$15 billion.

Third, the advantages of traditional lighting companies highlight the development of LED lighting in the first decade, the traditional lighting companies basically take the attitude of attention, wait and see, most of them began to industrialization in 2012, but in just over two years, its LED The significant increase in the proportion of lighting products fully reflects the role of channels, including understanding of products and applications;

Fourth, acquisitions and mergers have become the norm. Liader’s acquisition of Jinda, Hongli’s acquisition of Smead, participation in Xin’s stock exchange, Wei Wei’s acquisition of products, broad-based participation in the country’s acquisition of Stars, and Feile’s acquisition of Shen’an, etc., make full use of the advantages of the capital market, and strengthen the alliance to make Bigger and stronger, the scale of enterprises gradually formed;

5. E-commerce impacts the traditional market;

Six, smart lighting, smart lighting from the concept of industrial development.

Under this new situation, what are the main problems in the domestic lighting industry?

In the global environment of economic integration, the domestic lighting industry has become more and more obvious problems, such as a large number of companies, competitive and disorderly; product quality varies, affecting the development of the industry; basic research is not enough, the standard formulation is chaotic, and even The formation of local protection by means of standards has caused companies to be at a loss; the homogeneity is serious and there is insufficient innovation; the market has expanded, prices have fallen, and profits have not increased synchronously, affecting the healthy development of enterprises and industries. It is generally felt that this year has not been better than last year, and the bright level of the macro level has not been reflected at the micro level. The increase in roads and closures increases the risk for companies.

2015 Lighting Industry Development Trends, Prospects and Recommendations?

At the macro level, the market demand for LED lighting products in 2015 will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, but the micro level enterprises will feel even more sad than in 2014, especially in the context of the general economic environment, this state It will continue for many years. Enterprises must be prepared to formulate corresponding measures and strategies. At the same time, it is necessary to control risks. The phenomenon of running and closing down in the coming years will emerge at any time. All companies must control risks and do not lose control of funds generated by looting orders.

It is worth noting that the golden period of the market will not exceed five years. Therefore, enterprises must plan ahead and have a layout. For the development of the industry, it is recommended that the company strengthen the following aspects:

1, innovation. Innovation is not only product innovation, including management and marketing models.
2. Participate in market segments to avoid homogenization and competition.
3. Integrate vertically and horizontally, strengthen cooperation, and bring into play its own advantages.
4. Make use of or take advantage of the capital market

There is a saying: the acquisition of others is the ability to be acquired by others is the value. Including domestic and international markets. The development of LED lighting has provided the Chinese lighting industry with an excellent historical opportunity from big countries to powerful ones.

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