Overview and Status of China LED Lighting Industry in 2015

Light-emitting diode lamps, also known as LED lamps, can mean light, LED light source distribution and change appliance light distribution, including all except LED light source LED light source for securing and protecting all the necessary parts and components, as well as connection to the power supply necessary accessory line. LED lamp with high efficiency, energy conservation, safety, longevity, size and other technical characteristics, is a new generation lighting market’s main product, and effectively pushed the rapid development of environmentally friendly energy industry. The following is the 2015 LED lighting industry overview and status quo.

LED home lighting market will officially enter the growth stage from 2014 to 2016, to maintain the 30% annual rate of fast growth. But on the other hand, LED significantly extend the life of the lamp used to replace the damaged market unlike in the past the use of traditional lamps so large, the future of LED Panel Light applications go from here? “Smart Lighting” might be an answer.

Although intelligent lighting still promotion period, but actively involved in the major system vendors, as well as energy-saving trend, driven, smart home surpassed the smart phone market potential, in 2019 the market size of up to $ 8.71 billion.

According to the latest LED lighting industry market research analysis report shows that in 2015 the global lighting market will reach 82.1 billion US dollars, of which LED lighting market will reach 25.7 billion US dollars, the market penetration rate of 31%.

Observation by region 2015 global LED lighting market, Europe holds 23% of the market size, although the government did not provide massive subsidies, but its high price and the light of cultural differences, so that the LED commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting market demand upgrade. As a major lighting product manufacturing country, China occupies 21% market share, coupled with a complete supply chain cost advantages, the most competitive market. US market share of 19%, LED commercial lighting demand is strong expansion, among the most rapidly growing market tube dress. Japan holds 9% of the market, commercial lighting and industrial lighting huge growth potential. Will open the door to emerging markets sharply in 2015, including the rest of Asia, the Middle East and India, and Latin America occupies a total of 28%, the growth momentum was mainly attributable to the population, policies to promote and project promotion.

Overview and Status of China LED Lighting Industry in 2015

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